FTD talk is designed to provide rapid jargon free updates of recent research findings in frontotemporal dementia (FTD). Our main aim is to make the science of FTD easy to understand for the whole FTD community.


FTD talk is run by a group of scientists investigating FTD at the University College London Institute of Neurology in the UK.

UCL team

Jonathan Rohrer
Martina Bocchetta
Solomia Boretska
Emilie Brotherhood
Mica Clarke
Katrina Dick
Martha Foiani
Elizabeth Gordon
Sophie Harding
Carolin Heller
Carolin Koriath
Lucy Russell
Ione Woollacott

Selina Wray
Elizavet Preza

Adrian Isaacs
Thomas Moens

International contributors

Dr Rebekah Ahmed – Sydney, Australia
Dr Ian Coyle-Gilchrist – Cambridge, UK
Dr Emma Devenney – Sydney, Australia
Dr Michael Hornberger – Norwich, UK
Dr Muireann Irish – Sydney, Australia
Dr Matthew Jones – Manchester, UK
Dr Suzee Lee – San Francisco, USA
Dr Mario Masellis – Toronto, Canada
Dr Eneida Mioshi – Norwich, UK
Dr Adeline Ng Su Lyn – Singapore
Dr Chiadi Onyike – Baltimore, USA
Prof Stuart Pickering-Brown – Manchester, UK
Dr Rosa Rademakers – Jacksonville, USA
Dr Katya Rascovsky – Philadelphia, USA
Dr Carmela Tartaglia – Toronto, Canada