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GENFI – the first published results of the multicentre Genetic FTD Initiative

Approximately one third of patients with frontotemporal dementia have their disease caused by a problem in one of their genes, with these mutations most commonly involving the genes progranulin, microtubule-associated protein tau, or chromosome 9 open reading frame 72 . For many years research has focused on patients once they have developed symptoms, however recently […]

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Reward seeking behaviours in FTD: eating, drugs and sexual function

Carers will be well aware of the behavioural changes that people with FTD can develop and the significant distress that it can cause. Currently the underlying causes of these behavioural changes are not well understood. Previous studies have suggested that shrinkage of parts of the brain including the frontal areas and the hypothalamus may be […]


FTD and inflammation – what’s the story?

It has been suggested in a number of studies that there may be a link between neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmunity (where the body develops an immune reaction against part of itself). Recent studies have suggested there may be a major role for inflammation in some of the FTD disorders. A recent study from the UCSF […]