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What causes people to develop the ‘phenocopy’ syndrome of FTD?

In a study published recently, Gossink and colleagues investigated the link between psychiatric and psychological factors in people who develop a disorder which has been termed the behavioural variant FTD ‘phenocopy’ syndrome, and identified a variety of psychiatric and psychosocial factors which may contribute to the manifestation of this condition. What is the bvFTD phenocopy […]


Sniffing out FTD: can a test of smell differentiate FTD from mood disorders?

In a study published in the journal Applied Neuropsychology, Heyanka and colleagues studied the sense of smell in patients with frontotemporal dementia and elderly patients with major depression, to determine if this simple test can differentiate between the two groups. The early stages of FTD can sometimes present in a similar fashion to depressive disorders […]