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Small but dangerous? Protein cleavage products linked to FTD

Genetic alterations in the progranulin gene (PGRN) have been known to cause FTD since 2006. The mutations act by reducing the production of the progranulin protein by half, but little is known about the biological processes linking loss of progranulin to neuronal death. A new study by Salazar and colleagues suggests it may not be […]


The 4th FTDUK meeting

Last week, FTD researchers from around the UK gathered at UCL Institute of Neurology for the 4th annual FTDUK meeting. What started as a humble gathering of 50 people in 2011 has grown to around 150 researchers eager to find out the latest updates on FTD research. FTD-UK was founded by Dr Jon Rohrer, Dr […]

ARUK conf

FTD research takes centre stage at Alzheimer’s Research UK conference

More than 300 researchers from across the UK gathered in Oxford this week for the annual Alzheimer’s Research UK network meeting. Attendees participated in a wide-ranging programme of talks and debates, and on day one ARUK-funded FTD Research took centre stage, with talks from John Hodges (University of New South Wales), Stuart Pickering-Brown (Manchester) and […]


VCP: An energy crisis in FTD?

Mutations in the VCP gene are a rare cause of FTD.  New work from UCL researchers suggests these mutations may lead to cell death by starving cells of the energy they require to function.