New study on C9ORF72 and how it might cause FTD and motor neurone disease

An abnormality in the C9ORF72 gene is a common cause of both FTD and motor neurone disease. Recent work published in the journal Nature sheds new light on the way that C9ORF72 mutations cause these diseases. The abnormality in the C9ORF72 gene that causes both FTD and MND is what is called an expansion. This […]


FTD and inflammation – what’s the story?

It has been suggested in a number of studies that there may be a link between neurodegenerative diseases and autoimmunity (where the body develops an immune reaction against part of itself). Recent studies have suggested there may be a major role for inflammation in some of the FTD disorders. A recent study from the UCSF […]


C9ORF72 – how do problems in this gene cause FTD and motor neurone disease?

Recent studies have shown that mutations in a gene called C9orf72 are a major cause of not only FTD but also motor neurone disease. Researchers are now trying to work out exactly what the mechanisms are that lead to disease. In 2011 two research groups independently discovered a mutation in a gene called C9ORF72 as […]