The First World FTD Awareness Week

Today is the first day of the first World FTD Awareness Week. FTD talk has been up and running now for just over one year and during this time we have been trying to increase awareness for frontotemporal dementia and associated conditions. We hope that the factsheets and information on the website are helpful for people hearing about FTD for the first time. We also hope that we can keep people up-to-date with the research into FTD that is happening across the world through our regular posts. We are learning ourselves about the best ways to get this information across so we are always happy to receive comments from people. Please join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for updates.

During this World FTD Awareness Week we will be aiming to post an article every day. Today we wanted to share some recent articles and programmes about FTD with you.

In the UK, one caregiver has produced a moving audio diary describing his wife’s FTD including a very clear description of the development of a decrease in empathy as one of the first symptoms.

Australia sees the first Asia-Pacific FTD-MND meeting this week in Sydney. This aims to bring together researchers from across Asia and Australasia. During this week, the FTD group at Neuroscience Research Australia will be hosting an afternoon tea on Tuesday for World FTD Awareness week.

The AFTD in the US have launched World FTD Awareness Week in New York and their website has a list of events happening around the world.

Keep an eye out for further articles on FTD talk over this week. I will be posting from Sydney as I will be taking part in the Asia-Pacific FTD-MND meeting and meeting with FTD researchers and caregivers in Australia.

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