World FTD Awareness Week

This week we have a guest post from Jill Walton who runs the UK FTD Support Group to let us know about the first ever week to raise awareness about FTD. Jill writes:

As a result of our collaboration with FTD support groups from around the world at the International FTD Conference in Vancouver last year, we are excited to be gearing up for the first World FTD Awareness Week! The dates are October 4-11 2015.

As October fast approaches, we want to encourage people affected by FTD to embrace World FTD Awareness Week and consider ways in which you can help demonstrate that we are a strong international community of families and professionals who are working together to advance care and treatments for FTD. Together, we have the chance to fight the isolation and challenges that people diagnosed with FTD and their caregivers’ experience.

There are many ways to participate in World FTD Awareness Week, and for this first year, events and activities of all kinds are expected from at least ten countries across the globe. Within the United States, the AFTD, will be marking the week with Food For Thought events. Their goal is that communities and families in each of the 50 US states will host these awareness and fundraising events. These events offer inspiration for efforts around the world, including the UK. Combining fundraising and awareness efforts offers people a chance to learn more about FTD, and at the same time contribute to the momentum of work to fight this disease.

Support group members from around the world are welcome to borrow from the materials that the AFTD have developed, which can be found here. Specifically, AFTD has produced a toolkit for families that can be found here.

If you host an event during World FTD Awareness Week please let Jill know at [email protected] She would like photographs and stories, however big or small, and together with the rest of the FTD community looks forward to taking this initiative forward on a yearly basis.

The UK FTDSG website is found here, and their fundraising site here.

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