Public engagement

Public Engagement

The FTD talk team are dedicated to sharing their scientific work with the public and improving knowledge about FTD within the wider world.

STEM Ambassadors
Members of our team are part of this programme which aims to send scientists into schools to talk about their work. We are keen to encourage people into future careers in neuroscience, dementia, and hopefully FTD. If you would like one of our team to come and talk at your school, please contact us.

We have had people from this scheme spend time in our lab and learn about FTD research from members of our team.

We have also been part of the following events:

Pint of Science
We have had an annual public talk on our FTD research for the last couple of years in a London pub as part of this festival. This was organized by Mica Clarke in 2018 and 2019. In 2018 Jon, Mica and Lucy spoke about ‘The self and FTD’  and in 2019 Jon, Rhian and Mollie spoke about language loss in FTD in an event called ‘Speechless’

Science Museum Lates
In 2016 we took part in a large dementia public engagement event at the Science Museum in London. Attended by a few thousand people our interactive stall focused on educating people about FTD and forms of dementia where memory loss is not the main symptom.

RSM Medicine and Me
In 2018 we organized a day of public talks in the Royal Society of Medicine as part of their ‘Medicine and Me’ series.

Members of our team are also part of a number of campaigns to improve more diverse involvement in neuroscience, including the 1 million women in STEM project.

We are often asked about the portrayal of FTD within dramatic works. We have previously advised on films and plays and we are currently acting as advisors to the UK soap opera Hollyoaks. Please contact us if you would like any advice about your work.