Fluid Biomarkers

Our fluid biomarker team are embedded in the UK Dementia Research Institute Biomarker Lab at UCL run by Henrik Zetterberg. We also collaborate with the Mass Spectrometry Lab at the UCL Institute of Child Health run by Kevin Mills. We have recently written a review of fluid biomarkers in FTD, highlighting our work so far and our plans for the future.

Ongoing projects include:

  • Validation of assays to measure progranulin and related proteins
  • Understanding the role of neuroinflammation in FTD
  • Investigation of lysosomal dysfunction in FTD
  • Understanding synaptic health in FTD
  • Development of an assay for TBK1
  • Measurement of markers in plasma exosomes
  • Development of a hypothalamic peptide panel
  • Development of novel biomarkers of tau and TDP-43 pathology
  • Urinary biomarkers in FTD

We collaborate with a number of groups including the CORAL consortium.

Team Members