We run the Genetic FTD Initiative (GENFI) study, an international biomarker cohort study of genetic FTD. This is co-ordinated internationally by Arabella Bouzigues.

At UCL, we run both the local GENFI study as well as a biomarker cohort study of sporadic FTD called the Longitudinal Investigation of FTD (LIFTD) study: these two studies are co-ordinated by Sophie Goldsmith.

Our research work is focused on understanding the best way of measuring clinical outcomes in trials, and working out how best to support people from families with FTD through genetic testing and the at-risk period.

Ongoing projects include:

  • Understanding the factors affecting symptom onset and disease duration in genetic FTD
  • Forming a new consensus protocol for diagnostic and predictive testing in FTD
  • The Improving Wellbeing in At-Risk FTD (IWARF) study which is developing psychological support programmes for people living at-risk of genetic FTD
  • Investigating new measures of clinical symptoms
  • Retinal imaging in FTD
  • Case reports about new clinical or genetic findings

Our Team