Lucy Chisman-Russell

Postdoctoral Researcher

Lucy is a postdoctoral researcher funded by the Bluefield Project. She has a BSc in Psychology from the University of Plymouth and joined the team as a research assistant after graduating in 2015. She worked as the co-ordinator for the LIFTD study and then started a PhD in 2016. Her PhD investigated the role of social cognition in FTD including within the GENFI study. As part of her PhD she also developed a novel set of instructionless eye tracking tasks to study social cognition in FTD. She is now the co-ordinator of the FTD Prevention Initiative, helping to link together the genetic FTD cohort studies from around the world, and liaising with pharmaceutical companies as new drug trials start for people with FTD.

  • 11th ICFTD (Sydney, November 2018): Novel eye tracking tasks assess emotional processing in individuals with behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia