Martha Foiani

PhD Student

Martha was a PhD student at the UK Dementia Research Institute within the Biomarkers Lab. She has a BSc in Biology from Queen Mary University and an MRes in Biological Sciences from UCL. She joined the team when she started her PhD in 2016, investigating novel biomarkers of tauopathies. Her work was awarded the 2018 Wolfson Biomarker Symposium prize and the 2019 FTD UK Early Career Researcher Basic Science Prize. She completed her PhD in 2020.

  • FTD UK 9th Annual Meeting (Cambridge, October 2019): Identification of antibodies that selectively bind specific tauopathies
  • ARUK UCL Network 2019 (London, September 2019): Investigating novel tau biomarkers for FTD
  • Wolfson Biomarker Symposium (London, June 2018): Investigating novel fluid biomarkers for FTD
  • British Neuropathology Society Annual Meeting 2018 (London, March 2018): Immunohistochemical profiling of tauopathies