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The 4th FTDUK meeting

Last week, FTD researchers from around the UK gathered at UCL Institute of Neurology for the 4th annual FTDUK meeting. What started as a humble gathering of 50 people in 2011 has grown to around 150 researchers eager to find out the latest updates on FTD research. FTD-UK was founded by Dr Jon Rohrer, Dr […]

Is memory affected in behavioural variant FTD?

Episodic memory is our everyday memory, which we use for recalling life’s events. Deficits in episodic memory are a common symptom in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), as most AD patients show difficulty in recalling past events and their details. By contrast, behavioural variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD) patients have been thought to show relatively intact episodic memory. […]

An international genetic study implicates a role for the immune system in FTD

In a tour de force, 44 international research groups worked together to perform a genome-wide association study to identify novel genetic risk factors for FTD using DNA samples from 3526 patients with FTD and 9402 healthy control individuals. Their work suggests that the immune system and biological pathways involved in the breakdown of proteins and […]