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2016 – the year ahead in FTD research

Recent years have seen huge steps forward in the FTD research field and as we enter 2016 this first FTD talk post of the year will summarize some of those areas. Therapeutic trials There are currently a number of small studies underway in FTD and we expect more to follow in 2016. One of the […]


Distinguishing FTD from Alzheimer’s disease using brain imaging

Researchers in Sydney, Australia have been investigating an area deep in the brain called the striatum. Their work suggests that this area and the way it is connected to other areas of the brain could be used as a new marker to help work out whether someone has FTD or Alzheimer’s disease. We have a […]


What causes people to develop the ‘phenocopy’ syndrome of FTD?

In a study published recently, Gossink and colleagues investigated the link between psychiatric and psychological factors in people who develop a disorder which has been termed the behavioural variant FTD ‘phenocopy’ syndrome, and identified a variety of psychiatric and psychosocial factors which may contribute to the manifestation of this condition. What is the bvFTD phenocopy […]