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Sniffing out FTD: can a test of smell differentiate FTD from mood disorders?

In a study published in the journal Applied Neuropsychology, Heyanka and colleagues studied the sense of smell in patients with frontotemporal dementia and elderly patients with major depression, to determine if this simple test can differentiate between the two groups. The early stages of FTD can sometimes present in a similar fashion to depressive disorders […]


Why do people with FTD lose their ability to live and function independently?

The impact of FTD on everyday living is very well known to the families of those affected by it. As the disease progresses, the person needs support to deal with complex tasks such as preparing meals, managing their finances, doing the shopping, amongst other daily chores. For the behavioural form of the disease, other simpler […]


The 4th FTDUK meeting

Last week, FTD researchers from around the UK gathered at UCL Institute of Neurology for the 4th annual FTDUK meeting. What started as a humble gathering of 50 people in 2011 has grown to around 150 researchers eager to find out the latest updates on FTD research. FTD-UK was founded by Dr Jon Rohrer, Dr […]