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C9ORF72 expansions cause FTD by the production of toxic repeat proteins

Abnormalities in the C9ORF72 gene are one of the major genetic causes of FTD. Until recently it has not been clear how these expansions (where part of the gene is repeated hundreds or thousands of times) cause FTD. However, in the last few months, several independent research groups have demonstrated the toxicity of a specific […]


Towards a new understanding of social dysfunction in MND/ALS

Humans are essentially social beings. In everyday life, we regularly infer the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others, an ability known as theory of mind. This unique aptitude to consider perspectives distinct from our own provides the foundation for a host of social interactions, enabling us to predict behaviour based on the mental states of […]

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Highlights of the 9th International Conference on FTD: 23rd-25th October 2014

FTD researchers have recently returned from Vancouver where they attended the biennial international FTD conference. The meeting has slowly grown over the years with increasing interest in the FTD field, and nearly 600 people attended the conference from around 30 countries and a wide variety of research was presented from new brain imaging markers through […]