For those interested in hearing about what we have learned in brain imaging in FTD in the last ten years, then sign up to this webinar which is being run by ISTAART. It is designed to be an educational session organised jointly by the Neuroimaging and FTD Professional Interest Areas (PIAs).

It will be on June 16th at 4.30pm UK time, and is being moderated by Jennifer Whitwell, an FTD imaging expert from the Mayo Clinic in the US. One of the speakers is Martina Bocchetta from our team who will be speaking about MRI. The other speaker is Maura Malpetti who works in the group of James Rowe in the Cambridge FTD Centre, a close collaborator of ours – she will be speaking about PET.

We will aim to post a link to the talks after the meeting, but if you are interested in attending sign up at this link.