Last week we launched an app that we hope will help detect the early stages of FTD. Ignite has been developed to test multiple different brain functions including social skills, attention, and problem solving by using brief games, each lasting around a minute in length. We are now looking for healthy volunteers to test Ignite before it can be used in dementia research. 

This validation of the app is being led by one of the PhD students in our team, Rhian Convery. Through a studentship funded in memory of an individual with FTD by the National Brain Appeal, she is working on developing early markers of FTD. The Early Detection of FTD (EDoF) study is investigating the use of ‘digital biomarkers’ in FTD. As well as Ignite, the EDoF study also includes analysis of speech patterns, data from smartphone use, sleep and gait.

At the moment Ignite forms part of our ‘research restart’ – getting dementia research started again after the Covid-19 outbreak. By using testing at a distance, we hope to be able to overcome many of the issues that will be present for some time in trying to perform observational studies and clinical trials face-to-face.

If you are interested in taking part then please search “Ignite App” on the App Store and download now for free or follow the link: You need to have an iPad and be aged between 20-80. We would really appreciate your help with this study – your involvement will contribute to the future of FTD research.